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Peace Corps Ethiopia!  A group photo at the March 2014 All-Volunteer Conference

Peace Corps Ethiopia! A group photo at the March 2014 All-Volunteer Conference

There are around 200 Peace Corps Volunteers serving in Ethiopia right now.  Some are Health volunteers, like me, but others focus on Education or Environment projects.  Here are a few more blogs you might enjoy…


Peace Corps Ethiopia’s Official Website.  I helped create this website which is meant to showcase the best of the best in PCE.


Jen and Josh in Ethiopia.  This award winning blog tells about the experiences of a married couple working as Health volunteers.

Postcards from a Peace Corps Volunteer.  A photo-rich blog telling the story of an education Volunteer in the Sidama Zone.

He Who Knows Patience. Joe blogs about his experience as a PCV in the Arsi Zone, home of Ethiopia’s most famous runners.

9000 Miles from Normal. A cheeky perspective of living and working as a Volunteer…

Eight Letter Words. A mix of volunteer experiences from a Tigray Health Volunteer.

Wanderings and Wonderings. Sarah tells about her experiences as a Health Volunteer living in a big Ethiopian city.

CartelliPZCorps.  An Environment Volunteer uses humor to talk about his experiences in the rain saturated South.

Cassich.  One of the most prolific bloggers among us, but don’t worry, there is quality here as well as quantity as Cassie talks about her service as an Environment Volunteer. (Her old blog is here)

Fact Based Brevity.  A quirky blog from a quirky Health Volunteer in the Tigray region.

Corey Peace Corps Ethiopia.  A collection of stories and projects from a Health Volunteer.  Corey’s always busy.

27 Months of Sunshine.  An Education Volunteer describes her work and life in the Kaffa Zone.

Shayna in Ethiopia.  A very realistic (no BS) take on gender inequality and other cultural observations from an Education Volunteer in the Tigray region.


These Are Not Tan Lines they are dirt lines.  A blog from a Returned PCV from Malawi in which she chronicles her travels, past and present.


…and there are many more here.


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