I Spy: Mekele – Ethiopia

I Spy - Click for full resolution

I Spy – Click for full resolution


I took this picture from the Hatsey Yohannes Hotel in Mekele, Tigray, Ethiopia.  It’s an HDR image, meaning it’s really 3 pictures stacked on top of each other.  Therefore it’s not perfectly clear, but you can still pick out a ton of detail.  Also I had to compress it a little bit for the internet.  It’s still full resolution, but is compressed (sorry).  So in the spirit of Scholastic’s “I Spy” books from back in the day, here’s a little scavenger hunt.


Good luck finding the following:

1 old tire

2 jerry cans (1 complete, 1 top cut off)

6 pigeons

1 blue bird

2 injera plates

7 satellite dishes

1 man with blue stocking cap

17 highlands/disposable water bottles (at least)

1 water spigot

1 pack of Nyala cigarettes

3 full laundry drying lines

13 rooftop water tanks

2 solitary rooftop cinderblocks stacked next to each other

57 cockroaches (just kidding)…  I mean they’re probably in there but my camera isn’t that good.



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